15 Financial Lessons I wish I’d learned at 20

This week I turned 36.

When it comes time for my birthday, I always like to use these times to reflect.

I feel lucky that my birthday falls in June, because it is a natural middle-of-the-year check-in.

My process when doing this is:

  1. Look at my goals for the year; how is my progress
  2. Reset goals that need to be adjusted
  3. Journal my thoughts

I keep it simple because if I plan too much, it will likely not get done.

Being on social media provided a unique opportunity to write a concise list of reflections. I released one on Saturday, which you can read here.

I realized as I wrote that I had a lot of financial lessons in the list, so I actually broke that out into a separate list, which I talked about on my podcast.

You can listen to that episode by clicking here.

It’s amazing, as I look back, at what we learn and don’t learn as we grow up. Many, if not most of the lessons, I was exposed to. But it took a personal experience for me to internalize them.

I think this is something that happens often in life. That’s why I’m such a believer in taking action.

It’s through action that you gain clarity. That clarity helps you reframe things, and that reframing helps you refine your goals. You then repeat the process.

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