Attention, small business owners:

Are you stressed out and losing money because you don't understand your financial statements?

Master your numbers by building easy-to-read financial dashboards.

1 %
of businesses fail because of cash flow problems
1 %
of business owners wish they understood their numbers better
1 %
Of businesses have been surprised by unexpected expenses

I hope you can see from the statistics above that most small businesses are held back by their numbers.

Businesses are burning money due to unexpected expenses and owners wish they had a firmer grasp on their finances.

Ultimately most fail as a result, and it’s a shame because you started your business for a reason, right?

You love what you do and you want to bring your dream to life.

But scaling takes serious time and effort. And as you grow, so do the headaches.

Particularly around money.

You’re either forced to fork over a serious amount to get a CFO on your payroll… or work with a bookkeeper who simply enters the transactions and leaves the rest up to you.

Today I’ll tell you why you don’t need either.

If you want to take back control of your business’s finances with minimal effort, then let me explain how I can help.

A simple, systemized approach to boosting your business's profit

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I’m Kurtis.

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked with small businesses to streamline their finances so they can increase their profits with less work.

Last year I started educating people online, which is where you may have seen some of my work.

A lot of entrepreneurs I work with struggle to understand their money and overall financial health.

They worry about running out of cash and unfortunately, these fears often come true.

 When we discuss their issues, these 3 common problems come up:


Uncertainty about their company’s financial health


Worried about costs and their ability to pay their employees


Unable to determine what action is needed to relieve their stress

And that’s where I come in.

It’s my job to make your numbers as easy as possible to understand.

I work with you and your team to refine your financial statements, streamline your accounting processes, and create a financial dashboard for your company.

Through our work together, not only will you save money and get clarity on your numbers, but you’ll also gain the financial confidence to take the actions required to grow your business.

And best of all?

You don’t need to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars for a full-time CFO or search for another CPA.

In fact, the systems we build together will hold up as you 2x, 5x, or even 10x your business growth over the years.

When you have control of your finances, not only do you save a considerable amount of money but you have the potential to make more too. You can free up time and resources to focus on what matters – building your business.

It’s not uncommon for my clients to 2x or even 3x their investment in my service after their first call.

Who’s this offer for?

If you’re someone who:

Wants to maximize your profits by preventing money from leaking out due to a lack of financial control.

Is fed up with the stress of financial uncertainty… and wants a firm grasp on how your money can work for you.

Is interested in creating well-functioning systems that allow you to scale your business faster without creating problems as you grow.

Would like a quick and easy way to monitor your expenses to avoid potentially stressful and costly situations.

Hates overpaying for products and services but doesn’t have the time to identify and eliminate the excesses.

Wants to use project future earnings to guide decisions so that you can take advantage of previously missed opportunities (and avoid failure).

Would like to learn the fundamentals of financials so that you can lead your company with confidence (even if you’ve struggled with financial reports before).

Understands the importance of knowing where you stand with your cash flow BEFORE you need to make important moves such as expanding.

I’m sure you appreciate the importance of managing your money as much as I do.

And when we work together, we’ll make your company financially robust so you know precisely how healthy your business is, what your future looks like, and you’ll have the tools to make great financial decisions.

This means you can run your company with confidence and focus on what truly matters: Scaling and succeeding.

If what I’ve described sounds like something you want for your business, let me give you a quick run through of how our time together will go:

Step 1

Clarity Call

During this stage, nothing is required from you other than showing up.

During this 60 minute call I will go through a list of questions to help identify your pain points and whether or not we’re a fit to work together.

This free call sets the stage for the remainder of the engagement and helps us customize our plans to your needs.

Months 1 - 2


First, we will tackle the account structures, clean up the financial statements, and generally overhaul the way you think about your numbers.

Understanding Financial Statements is important, but internalizing them is even better.

My goal here is to make speaking in numbers easy for you.

Months 3 - 4

Dashboard Creation

Now that the numbers are internalized, we’ll walk through your whole company and identify the key metrics that drive your business forward.

Once we’ve established these metrics, we’ll help create a process to collect and report them with the lowest possible effort so that you can determine your business health at a glance.

Months 5 - 6

Review & revise

By now you should have a financial process that anyone could be proud of.

We will monitor the processes and systems we’ve implemented to tweak and improve it into a well oiled machine.

Once everything is working smoothly, you can focus on scaling your business.


If your company is from the start-up stage to $25M in annual revenue and you are looking to think strategically about your financial statements and finance department, I’d love to work with you.

I work well with leaders who think outside the box, are driven by company and personal values, and embrace strategic thinking and tactical implementation.

I typically work with no more than 3 companies at one time so that I can focus on giving you the best outcome.

Engagements typically last 6 months.

First, we’ll do a clarity call to determine whether it’s a fit for both of us.

Next, I’ll send you a contract and list of documents required to get started.

Once paid, contract signed, and documents delivered, you will schedule your sessions at a time that’s good for you.

Cost is dependent on frequency of meetings and custom for each company based on revenue and complexity.

We will discuss pricing in the clarity call.

I offer additional services on a case-by-case basis.

We can discuss this in the discovery call, as well as after an initial engagement.

Calls are typically scheduled Monday-Friday during regular business hours, but I can work with your schedule.

I typically meet with clients on weekly or bi-weekly basis. During the engagement you’ll have full access to text or email me outside the calls. I do my best to respond quickly and guarantee a 24-hour response time.

Each session is 60 minutes. So that you get the most out of each session, you’ll be provided instructed on how to prepare for each call.

Before any payments are taken, we’ll discuss your business over a discovery call. We can agree to a schedule there to make sure our calendars align. You would then book your session after making payment for the first month.

During the engagement you’ll have full access to text or email me outside the calls. I do my best to respond quickly and guarantee a 24-hour response time.

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