Get 10 hours back each week

Close to 10 years ago I was constantly overwhelmed at work. I always found myself stressed, behind, and struggling to keep up.

So, I started looking into productivity systems. One of the first I found was Getting Things Done by David Allen. I implemented much of his system and was blown away by how much more productive I was.

But I was still stressed, behind, and struggling.

As is common the first time you read a book, I didn’t capture all his ideas. So I went through it again.

It was this time around that I started implementing the Weekly Review process.

The weekly review is now an essential part of staying organized and productive. It’s something I think everyone should implement.

Why you as?

Here’s why:

  1. It helps you reflect back and internalize the lessons from the last week.
  2. It helps you close “open loops” and transfer everything to your productivity system.
  3. It forces you to pause and plan for the next week.

I call this: Ponder, Process, and Prepare.

I posted about it this week on this Twitter thread, but also released a podcast about it. Feel free to read or listen, whatever you prefer.

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